Through the Belly of the Beast and Back

My Life in Foster Care
By Titania D. Grace

Foster care is a system created to protect children. But what happens when the very establishment responsible for their welfare turns out to add to their distress?


In Through the Belly of the Beast and Back, you will explore the grim truths experienced by those under the custody of foster care. Allowing you access into their lives, this book shows an up-close and personal glimpse into what it is truly like for a child to be removed from his/her biological family and into an unknown place, filled with unpredictability and confusion. 


Instilling awareness within a society often unaware of the extent and severity of the issues and challenges faced by foster children, this book provides an honest evaluation of the reality of the current foster care system. By exposing the truths of this system, author Titania D. Grace hopes that discussions for change and the development of policies will follow to create safer, and more stable and supportive environments for foster children, helping them to have a life that every child deserves.

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